18 Jun

Planning a Wedding for the end of the Year? Why not try our Simplistic and Elegant Food and Styling options.... Read on.

If you are planning a Wedding you may like to keep it simple but elegant by pairing your food and decorations to suit the event space. With most bridal couples wanting Photobooths, Large LOVE letters, Flower Walls etc to make the day a day to remember sometimes the day becomes a little scrambled or forced.

Nutmeg and Pepper have an Event Coordinator, Stylist and Database to suit your Wedding needs. We will assist with your theme, styling to fit your wants and pair it to your event space. 

Themes we have created recently and are very on trend are Bling Pink and Gold, Australian Native and Rustic Coastal.

Fairy Lights, Fairy Light Curtains, Candles and other essential lighting features can be incorporated to add a more Romantic and Elegant Vibe for the evening.

Floating Glass Candle holders and other decal hanging from the ceiling can provide an interesting and creative approach to your Wedding space allowing for a dazzling display of themed objects.

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