19 Apr

Taking Scones to the next level this Mothers Day...Nutmeg and Pepper, Chef Nade, provides her Mum's favourite Blueberry Scones... so great you won't even need the Cream.

This is definitely a tasty way to start Mothers Day Brunch. I have omitted the Cream and Jam topping as this is a recipe that only requires a little dash of butter but by all means if you want the cream, honey or whatever your favourite topping go ahead...

This recipe will make approximately 20 scones depending on the size of your cutter. I sometimes use a large Ice Cream scoop to give a domed shape to the scones.... just a little bit of fun.


3 cups Unbleached Self Raising Flour

1 cup Cream

1 cups Lemonade

1 punnet of Organic Blueberries, 125g 

1 pinch of Garam Masala

1 pinch of Icing Sugar


Preheat your oven to 180C for Fan Forced or 190C for normal.

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. 

In a large bowl combine all the ingredients with a butter knife until the dough just comes together. (the more you work the dough the tougher the scone)

Place the dough onto a lightly floured surface and press down to the desired height. I prefer around 5cm. If using a scone cutter immerse the cutter into the flour before you punch out each scone. If using a large ice cream scoop, lightly flour then tip out before scooping.

Place your scones on the tray so that they are touching each other. If you spread apart then you may get lopsided and often dry scones.

Place the scones in the oven and allow to cook for at least 20 mins. The scones should be crunchy on the outside and soft - not dry on the inside.

 If you are using a thicker than 5cm dough, check the scones are just moist in the middle before taking out of the oven.

Serve immediately with whipped butter.

These are a sample of the Blueberry Scones pushed out to 3cm, which are great if you are not opening the scone but I prefer the 5cm to open and place butter to melt on each side...let me know how you enjoy them.

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