04 Dec

Before you start... you will require a rectangle French Tart Tin or Medium Sized Loose base Quiche Tin.


120g Organic Goats Cheese ( I use a Greek Style) this can be diced small or crumbled

100g Grated Tasty Cheese such as a Vintage Cheddar or a Matured Cheddar

1 small Spanish Onion, Organic if possible, skinned and fine diced

10ml Worcestershire Sauce

10g Dark Brown Sugar

1-2 Sheets of Short Crust Pastry (depending on size of baking tin)

Olive Oil

8 Free Range Organic Eggs (70g)

400ml Thickened Cream

1 pinch Turmeric

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, ground

Cracked Black Pepper


Pre-heat Oven to 190C or 180C for Fan Forced. Spray your Tart tin with a little Olive Oil then line with the short crust pastry. Set aside.

In a small frying pan spray a little olive oil add the Diced Onion and allow to saute until opaque then add Worcestershire Sauce and Sugar. Cook for a further 2 minutes to incorporate flavour making sure to stir frequently. Set aside.

In a small bowl add the eggs, cream, turmeric and a pinch of each seasoning then whisk until combined.

Place the caramelised onion on to the bottom of the pastry and spread evenly over the base.

Crumble or place the diced Goats Cheese over the onion then top with grated tasty cheese.

Pour in the Egg mix and place in the middle of your pre-heated oven for around 22 - 28 minutes. The tart will be cooked once golden on top and slightly puffed up.

This can be made the day before if serving cold.

Push tart out of the tin and cut into wedges to arrange on a bed of lettuce or as part of your grazing table.

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