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Nutmeg and Pepper Catering have chosen Asparagus as the Ingredient of the Month. With its Sweet but Smooth Flavour we have several options on our Menus to utilise this tasty beauty. Read More in our Blog

  •  13/10/2021 06:10

This is one of our most popular Cheese Recipes for making great pizza, adding to a cheese platter or even to make your own Cheesy Vegan Bechamel Sauce. Based on Almond Milk as the base you can substitute the Almond Milk for Soya, Oat or Rice Milk but we find the Almond milk gives a sweet cheesy flavour.

  •  19/06/2021 05:48

Chefs special Italian Meatballs... this is her easy to make no fuss Meatballs. Reay within half hour and a real hit at dinner parties.

  •  1/06/2021 05:41

With Autumn in full swing here in QLD it is time to take advantage of our Seasonal Produce. This month we are featuring the beautiful Pomegranate.

  •  23/05/2021 05:40

Here is a Nutmeg and Pepper Vegan Soup we use as a starter for sit down dinner options. Enjoy the Recipe and don't forget to share... Feel free to post your photos - we love seeing your creations or let us know if you added a special ingredient.

  •  8/05/2021 05:11

Chef Nadene shares her Cinnamon Macadamia Nut Butter recipe....great for use in Kibbeh, Desserts and sooo much more

  •  2/02/2021 06:07

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering have a tasty Apple Tart that is used for all types of events often it is topped with Meringue, Toasted Almonds or Crispy Coconut Strips... here is our recipe

  •  27/01/2021 06:06

Our chefs at Nutmeg and Pepper have a fantastic Eggplant Salad recipe created for our new up and coming Autumn menu but we think it would be also great for Christmas ... here is the recipe

  •  27/12/2020 05:49

Every year we like to add a little something different to our Christmas spread. This year with all the extra virus and health scares we only feel it is right to share and introduce everyone to our Creamy Garlic Christmas Dip.

  •  29/11/2020 05:45

Chef Nadene shares her Christmas Scroll Recipe...enjoy

  •  20/11/2020 06:34

Chef Nadene shares her delightful Lime and Garlic infused Lamb Skewers... easy to make, incredible to eat.

  •  25/08/2020 05:36

Chef Nadene shares her perfect Winter No Bake - Rhubarb & Raspberry Cheesecake Recipe. Perfect for Christmas in July or a Holiday treat for the whole family.

  •  6/07/2020 05:26