13 Oct

If you are planning to entertain this Spring - why not look at the humble Asparagus as your go to ingredient for the Event. 

Versatility is definitely the Asparagus Super Power. 

Fantastic in French Tarts and Vol au Vents for Canapes.

Perfect wrapped in Prosciutto and served as part of an Antipasto.

Creamy and Smooth in an Soup and can be paired with Mushroom or just add to a Consommé with Edible Flours for a spectacular visual presence.

Tasty and delicious as part of a Seasoned Steamed Vege mix.

So many uses for this Green Glory.

The trick to preparing your Asparagus is to simply snap the bottom off by pinching at the end and pulling down. This will snap where the woody part finishes. 

Some people like to peel the Asparagus to ensure no stringy bite. I am happy leaving this on if the Asparagus is young and thin.

If you have an Organic Green Grocer near you, then be sure to buy it from there, as the supermarket Asparagus tend to be a little thick and woody.

Asparagus comes in Purple, White and Green varieties and can be all used in the same manor.  The purple, if available in your area, is full of anti-oxidants and is such an amazing colour that you will have your guests ogling over its beauty.

For our Raw Foody Lovers - Asparagus can be eaten Raw or Cooked so add this to your Salad and Enjoy.

Interesting Fact: Asparagus has been used as a diuretic and is known for its ability to rid your body of toxins, salt, and excess fluid.

Asparagus and Camembert Filo Parcels

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