03 Aug


1 x Hamburger Bun                                                 1 x 150g Wagu Steak 

Lettuce                                                                     3 x Tomato Slices

Philadelphia Cream Cheese                                     30g Caramelised Onion

Butter                                                                       2 x slices Tasty Cheese

2 x slices Beetroot                                                    Handfull of Chips to serve

Smokey BBQ Sauce


Toast your hamburger bun both sides and place on a plate. Add your BBQ sauce to both the top and bottom  of your buns. Now place a piece of cheese on both. Add a good slice of Philadelphia Cheese onto the bottom bun. Layer with lettuce, tomato and beetroot.

In a heated frying pan warm your caramelised onion then add on top of the beetroot. Now cook your steak in the same pan to absorb some of the flavour left from the onion.

Once the steak is cooked to how you like it... add on top of the onion and place top half of the bun together with a bamboo skewer to hold everything in.

Place a handfull of chips to serve.


You may like to add bacon and egg or pineapple to the burger. 

You may substitute the caramelised onion for sauted onion or onion rings that have been battered and fried.

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