26 Mar

With 2022 getting off to the most Rainy weather we have had in decades there must be a contingency plan for your Easter Egg Hunt this year. Here are our 5 Top Tips and Ideas.

1. Check the weather forecast the night before for rain and heat. Here in Australia it is not always wise to use real Easter Eggs outdoors. If it looks like rain then hide the eggs around the house. You can use real or plastic eggs to swap out.

2. If holding your Easter Event at a Park you may want to take along a few Marquees and use extra large tubs filled with Sand and hide plastic eggs in each for the kids to rummage through. Swapping a plastic egg or cardboard cut out for a real egg is fun and less messy than melted eggs.

3. Create a festive table with Easter Eggs hidden amongst the food platters for the kids to find and hold a Where's Wally style Easter Hunt at the table. You can even have them hidden inside glasses, napkins, empty vases filled with colour paper etc.

4. Having the Easter Egg Hunt at the Beach? Choose to hide Cardboard Easter Egg Cut outs that the kids can make before Easter... get someone to hide them in the sand around your set up area whilst the kids are kept busy making sandcastles or swimming with another adult. When you are ready to hold your Easter Egg hunt have Easter Buns or other Sweet Treats handy for trading the Cardboard Cut outs... Chocolate may not be a great idea down the beach but sugar coated almond eggs or other unique sweet treats will be most welcome by the kids.

5. Create an Easter Egg Hunt on Paper. Like a treasure hunt but you create Easter related questions that lead the kids to the Easter Bunny Hide Out. Once they know the answer then you can provide an Easter Basket full of goodies.

Hope these tips keep your family amused for hours on Easter and may we all be blessed with more fun and celebrations in the future.


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