17 Jan

Nutmeg and Pepper Cater for events from North Brisbane to Ballina. Over the past few years we have collected a database of both popular and unique event spaces within these regions.... 

Whether you are looking for a place to hold a romantic picnic or holding a wedding we have a lot of ideas that may assist you in making that event your dream come true.

Nutmeg and Pepper are also able to assist with 2 day or more events.

Just simply provide us with guest numbers, dream setting (Beach, Park, Hall, Exclusive Spot, Landmark, Favourite Location and we will source, price and quote the event space. If you are happy we will even book it for you.

Booking regular events and need us to book several dates for your corporate or small business? Let us know your needs and we will source a boardroom or conference room for you.

If you are planning a Birthday, Anniversary or other special occasion - let us know what location you require and we will source a space for you in that area. 

For more information or if you would like to talk with someone direct phone: 0403800010

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