15 Jun

This months "INTRODUCING" our intention to provide Event Spaces around Brisbane and the Gold Coast... 

This will be a new service from Nutmeg and Pepper Catering team and will help you with your Event Space needs...

Whether your hosting a work event, product launch, party or meeting... there is a fantastic unique space on our books that we can assist you with.

From space enough for 20 right through to 250 pax.

Unique ideas to decorate and make your event the talk of Brisbane.

So watch this space and our website/social media points for more information and we will let you know when we are ready to launch new ideas or spaces.

When we show you a space we will ensure you have all the details you need and can even book it on your behalf.

You can book into meet with our Event Coordinator and Chef Nadene to cover your Event and Food options in one seating... or via email if you are interstate shortly.. we will keep you posted.

Choose from Indoor Outdoor and Intimate Locations.

We can create events from North Brisbane to Ballina.... if you have a space in mind and are not sure how to go about securing it, allow us to do the work for you.

To ensure you have the date you require and not miss out we will get the information to you with in 2 Business Days.

Event Decorations and Equipment pricing will be sent after your event space/menu are locked in as these items can take a little longer to co-ordinate.

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