29 Dec

Yay.... it is Summer and school holidays are here. This is the time to start planning adventures for the family that don't involve technology or everyone separating to different parts of the house and yard. Does this sound familiar... "Get off the Play Station...Can you please turn off that TV and go outside.....I am trying to clean the house can you please go outside and play" there are soo many more I can put in here but I am sure you have got the gist.

This Summer plan ahead and get everyone out of the house together and create the perfect family Picnic.

Here are my hints and tips on the best way to make your family picnic the perfect day out together.

1. Choose a location that is away from the local park... actually take a drive or go to a destination that you haven't been before where it actually becomes an adventure/exciting destination. One thing I remember most about our family picnics was that Dad would get us in the car looking at beautiful sights outside the window of the car and then we would arrive at a place that was uplifting either in the Mountains or down south to a Beach we hadn't yet discovered.

2. Plan ahead the activities you will partake in whilst on your picnic. Choosing a destination that has nature walks or some sought of activities already there are great but if you choose somewhere that is a little less set up...grab a cricket bat and ball or a few balls to create your own family games. Kmart is full of great outdoor activity sets and at very little cost. You can even create a fun find it game where each member has to find everything on a list that you pre-print out and there can be a prize of a Chocolate or other treat. (List can be something like: A Yellow Leaf, A stick that looks like an animal, a white stone etc).

3. Bring drinks that hydrate and ensure you have enough for walks if you plan on hiking or doing a lot of activities. A 10L water bottle can be purchased from Aldi/Coles for around $4. If you choose to bring cold drinks - freeze your own Ice to save money by filling empty ice cream containers or other large containers and popping them into the freezer at lease a few days before your picnic. 

4. Food - you can easily pack a loaf of bread, cold cuts of meat, salad, BBQ meat etc to fill the hungry tummies for lunch. Don't forget to bring some cut pieces of fruit for the snacks, especially if the activities are ongoing. You can also choose to pre-book picnic food via Nutmeg and Pepper Catering and we will create the perfect picnic food for you. This will be delivered to the park or beach you have chosen for your picnic at at time that suits. This will save you from carting cutlery, plates, napkins, garbage bags, food and food eskies on the day as we can provide everything to be delivered cold and ready to serve.

5. Set a time for applying and re-applying the sunscreen... the last thing you want after a perfect family day out is a night of complaints of sunburn or dehydration from too much sun. Choosing a shady area to set up your picnic or bringing an easy pop up marquise also helps.

6. Make sure you take a family photo and pictures of the greatest hits from the day. The winner of each game or other memorabilia is always something you will be able to look back on as the family grows and changes. If your kids just won't let the technology go then setting them a perfect photo task will help them take an interest in the day. (Ask them to take an interesting photo of the site, nature, an animal/insect they see there, family funny photo, family serious photo, family sporting moment etc.)

7. Relaxation time at the Picnic. Make sure you choose a relaxation time after the food where everyone can digest the food they have just eaten. Playing shapes in the Clouds (if there are any), I spy game or another light activity will help with the relaxation time. Set the timer on your phone for a set time and let your family members know that until that alarm goes off they need to do some down time activity.

8. Before you go home... you have just spent a fun filled and joyous day with the family now you need to make sure you have an easy night when you get home. Suggest a family movie night with pre made pizzas in the fridge ready to pop in the oven or something simple and easy with limited washing up efforts.

9. Start Planning your next picnic for the following week or sooner.

10. Enjoy more family time together....

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