01 Jan

Ok so you have invited a group of friends/colleagues round to watch the Cricket or other Sporting Event. You have the large screen TV booked so the kids won't be in your way.... Now to make the event perfect you need..............Great Food. Something that goes with the event, something that is easy to prepare, something that will keep you and your guests happy whilst the beer is flowing and the sport is playing. 

What is the perfect food for Sport Watching Events?

Believe it or Not Snack Food is not the answer... chips and dips just won't assist in the digestion of the alcohol and longevity of the game.

Finger Food is the correct answer... bit sized pieces of handcrafted tasty food that is not only filling but will have the taste buds dancing the alcohol absorbing (no drunken friends throwing up in your front yard on the way out) and best of all food that will have them talking about how great the day went for weeks. They will all want to be at your place for the next event and you will be hero of the sporting seasons.

Nutmeg and Pepper have a couple of fantastic options for your Sporting Event that will win those guests over and also make sure no one in the household has to spend hours preparing food and cleaning up constantly.

1. Food Truck Sports Event Catering: You choose a menu and we create the food and snacks...your guests can keep coming up for more until the event or food is over (up to 3 hours). Choose Mini Mains or all Finger Foods.

2. Finger Food Delivered: Choose a Finger Food Menu that suits and have the catering delivered just before the event starting time and all you need to do is open the Catering Box and serve to your guests. This is like a grazing table style but more about the variety of quick and easy to eat Finger Food options. You can choose Hor or Cold or both. You can choose to have the hot food delivered Hot or as a DIY Heat and serve option.

3. Platters of Food: Choose Cheese Platter, Sandwich Platter or other fantastic Platter options and they will be delivered at a time that suits in a ready to served Catering Box.

4. Serviced Catering Options: Have our Chef come in and cook then serve finger food for up to 3 hours through out the duration of the Sport Event (time includes set up and pack down). All rubbish is cleared before the Chef leaves and your kitchen is left as it was found.

5. BBQ Catering: This is BBQ made easy. You get to watch the Game and our Chef will cook and serve to all your guests. You can choose from an Aussie BBQ right through to our Seafood Options. We even clean off the BBQ after the cooking is finished.

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