15 Nov

As the Summer fast approaches and we start watching the Stone Fruit appear on the shelves at our local fruit and vegetable store... make sure you look for the Organic Seasonal Fruit.

Supermarkets are often selling us products from overseas, C Grade Fruit and Veges and also Fruit and Veges that have been stored in mass cold storage and is often very old by the time you or I purchase it. That is why it doesn't last as long as it used to, flavour is often not as strong or you can taste the pesticides used to keep the insects from attacking it.

I remember when we used to visit my Nanna (who just turned 100 years old last month) she would have rows of fruit trees in the front and back yard. We would drive down seeing the flowers blooming and ready to grow fruit. When the fruit would arrive my Nanna would get busy making home made jams and preserves, her chutney and pickles so that every bit of fruit was utilised. 

What does your local supermarket do with the fruit that they don't use?? My bet is it is thrown within a certain period of time of not being sold.

So much wastage and so much low quality food is given to us in these markets today. They will claim on their adds to be fresh from farmer to you... well yes fresh picked then stored for months then fresh to you... so in a round about way it is fresh to you.

The little independent fruit and vege shops, your local markets and best of all your honesty box fruit and vege vendors in the mountains provide better quality as far as fresh and local sourced. Even better if it is organic and untouched by pesticides.

When you are creating your Seasonal Fruit Platter this Summer grab for a local sourced organic alternative.

 Nutmeg and Pepper ensure they use Organic (where possible) local sourced Seasonal Fruit on all their Fruit Platters.

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