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Chef Nadene provides reviews, recipes and articles on Food/Hospitality

Nutmeg and Pepper can Cater for All Event needs... this month we feature our Antipasto Platters. Great for a door to door option for an at Work or Home Gathering or as part of a Share Table Platter for a Sit Down Dinner.

As our days are warming up and school is drawing closer to the end of the year - Kids Parties become more popular. Nutmeg and Pepper Catering highlights some food favourites and party ideas...

Chef Nade shares her Free Range Chicken with Semi Dried Tomato Meatballs. Create them for a tasty Finger Food/Starter or serve them with a tasty Organic Garden Salad .

Halloween may be an American Holiday but here in Australia we are embracing the fun of dressing up for the event more and more. Like Christmas it is a fun break away from the normality of life and introducing a fun interaction for family, friends and workplaces alike.

Thanks to Covid and the movement of the Office to our own private home office - the way we choose to meet and have our boardroom meetings has changed to Zoom and Skype Meetings. Nutmeg and Pepper now provide Corporate Gift Platters for your Meetings... delivered to each individual so they have a tasty treat whilst attending their weekly/monthly meeting. Perfect to keep the attendance high and focus sharp.

There is nothing better than finishing off your Event with a mouth watering Dessert. This month Nutmeg and Pepper focuses on their Curd Tartlet's. Perfect for all Events in bite size tangy servings.

In between Lockdowns, Border Closures and Restricted Event Guest Numbers it is like a Miracle needs to happen to have your Wedding in a Covid Environment... Nutmeg and Pepper have a few ideas to help you plan a Wedding in a Covid Environment.

Even though it is only September we have been in inundated with Christmas enquiries.... get in quick for Christmas Party Bookings, Pre Order Platters, Gift Boxes, Corporate End of Year Party, Christmas Day Lunch and all your event needs...

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering provides a focus on one of the Chefs Handcrafted Products and provides informative information to help you choose your favourites for your next event. This month is Skewer Canapes.

Menu Highlight: Unique BBQ Nutmeg and Pepper Catering Blog highlights their Unique BBQ Menus this month. Offering both Door to Door and Full Catered Options

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering Blog talks about the ingredient of the Month: Capsicum. Uses, Availability and Benefits. Follow this blog for recipes, catering tips, up and coming events and much more...

With all the uncertainty of Covid/Border closures and everything else that can come up these days....A Pop Up Wedding is on trend to ensure you save $$$ time and disappointment in having to reduce numbers etc. Nutmeg and Pepper Catering in conjunction with Wild Cherry Events have the solution with options