05 Mar

What will you be doing for Easter 2022?

This year Easter will bring on a new meaning with all the hardship, virus, extreme weather and time away from our loved one's, friends and family.

With the last 2 years providing huge restrictions on our religious attendance and food availability plus all of us being thrown in and out of lockdown and isolation we will want this Easter to mean more than just the resurrection of Christ.

More celebrating and a deep long look back at all we have lost in the past few years and what we want to look forward to.

Depending on your location and what our wonderful weather will be like... spending Easter outdoors with an emphasis on food and fun.

Organising the kids Easter Hunt and ensuring that every moment of the long weekend is filled with celebration and gratefulness for all we still have. The kids are the one's that need their Easter to be as normal and festive as possible to bring hope and joy for the future.

For food choices you can follow the link for our packages


or if you are creating your own event and food then a light breakfast of Hot Cross Buns, Seasonal Fruit and Coddled Eggs on a Smoked Salmon topped toasted Brioche would be a nice start.

Lunch can be a tasty selection of Grilled Whole Snapper paired with Organic Salad and a light Lemon Potato Salad.

Dinner may look as easy as a BBQ selection of Chicken and Vegetable Skewers with your favourite Easter Dessert.

No matter what you decide on for this Easter may all of your family and friends have an amazing day celebrating all together.

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