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Nutmeg and Pepper Catering not only offer a great selection of tasty Food Menus but can also recommend an array of Bar, Styling, Equipment, Musicians and other Collaborations.

  •  5/08/2022 06:34

Next Month is Easter - How will you Celebrate? Nutmeg and Pepper have a few suggestions

  •  5/03/2022 06:43

This week we feature a great collaboration with a local business that provides an amazing selection of Texan Style Ice Cream right here in Brisbane.... Cowgirl Ice Cream

  •  26/11/2021 06:06

Nutmeg and Pepper have many Collaborations to make your event perfect - with styling provided for Kids Parties through to Weddings paired with our Catering we can create your Event your way...

  •  25/10/2021 05:46

As our days are warming up and school is drawing closer to the end of the year - Kids Parties become more popular. Nutmeg and Pepper Catering highlights some food favourites and party ideas...

  •  9/10/2021 05:38

Halloween may be an American Holiday but here in Australia we are embracing the fun of dressing up for the event more and more. Like Christmas it is a fun break away from the normality of life and introducing a fun interaction for family, friends and workplaces alike.

  •  27/09/2021 05:55

Spring is already booking up fast and at Nutmeg and Pepper we have a few different Spring Menus to choose from and many bespoke options. If you are holding an event in August to October then you will want to visit our Menus and book in fast... October weekend dates are very sparse and August a late starter in bookings but enquiries are starting to turn into quotes and bookings. Thinking of holding an event in August then you can contact us via phone or email for immediate assistance.

  •  25/06/2021 05:08

Nutmeg and Pepper offer a great variety of Boutique Buffet options but what does that mean and how does that differ to other Catering Buffet options?

  •  22/06/2021 05:47

Santa may not come to your Christmas in July but this year has the makings of a great way to make up for limitations on Christmas last December. Enjoy all the trimmings with Nutmeg and Pepper Boutique Catering.

  •  4/06/2021 06:19

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering offer a variety of different Menus and Styles of Catering... but we are starting to get busy with people gaining confidence in booking their events... here is how to get ahead of the rush

  •  26/04/2021 05:27

Planning an Event or Wedding? Our blog will provide a few hints and tips to help with organising and planning.

  •  14/04/2021 04:53