22 Jun

Nutmeg and Pepper offer a great variety of Boutique Buffet options but what does that mean and how does that differ to other Catering Buffet options?

With a Boutique Buffet you are ordering a high quality, highly decorated and well though out food offering for your guests including condiments. A Boutique Buffet is usually presented with ingredients sourced locally and made fresh for your event. There are no deep fried or baine marie style offerings. 

With Boutique Buffets the food is consumed straight after heating and there for is not left in Chaffing Dishes to dry out. Your chef will serve you the meat portion of the meal and allow your guests to decide on the salad and condiment options.

Boutique Buffets are perfect for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Corporate Events for up to 250 people. Of course we can Cater for larger numbers but a Boutique Affair is usually created to suit the event on the lower numbers rather than the masses.

At Nutmeg and Pepper we always try to allow for Gluten Free guests by placing any bread or gluten components well away from the main affair. All our sauces are made lovingly with a reduction method and arrowroot or cornflour and are all Gluten Free. Any marinades we create for the Meat components are also made by us (No jar products/powders/preservatives are used) there for no N0.'s to check and we know exactly what goes in each dish.

Nutmeg and Pepper do not - open boxes/packets of products and serve them as our own. Which means when you are ordering anything (except Bread items) we make it in our kitchen or on the day at your event. 

Nutmeg and Pepper have a strict - No Deep Fried Food Policy. All our Arancini are handcrafted and Air Fried. Anything we create for your Boutique Buffet experience is no exception. We also try to avoid using Mayonnaise based Salads... our Tasty Rustic Potato Salad is lovingly tossed through Seeded Mustard, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic.

Rest assured when you order one of Nutmeg and Pepper's Boutique Buffet Menus your guests are being provided with Quality Ingredients, Locally Sourced, Organic where possible, Hormone Free, Made Fresh and Handcrafted.

What will your next event be?

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