19 Dec

As every Chef is different and so are our patrons we all try and create a little bit of ourselves in our food and our venues.

Nutmeg and Pepper is my creation and many years of experience brought into one business. So watch out for the healthier and tastier way to eat out. Follow us on twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr and linkdin. #chefnade @nutmegandpepperaustralia #nutmegandpepper

For many years now I have watched as the Food Truck business grows and develops into a new way to spend our money, time and dining experience away from home.

After dining at several Markettas, Night Markets and Farmers Markets I noticed my favourites were still not getting a look in.

As of February 2019 my dreams will become a reality when I introduce the Food Truck Experience into the Catering division of Nutmeg and Pepper. 

You will be able to see Nutmeg and Pepper Food Trailer at a Food Truck Stop/Marketta near you in Brisbane and the Gold Coast so watch the event page and we will post where we will be.

What type of food are we going to serve???? Well lets just say Healthy (no deep fried), tasty multicultural and most of all full of flavour.

Now for those planning events in 2019....what does the food trailer have install for you.

If you have ever wanted a party with a difference: Imagine your guests faces when you hire the food trailer for your Finger Food, Dessert/Pastry Selections or just simply as a Fresh Food Mecca Bar.

Phone today for more information 0403800010

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