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As we head into the Summer Months - Kids Parties whether it be for Birthday or catching up on Birthdays due to Covid restrictions.... need more help with your next Kids Party? Read this blog

  •  18/11/2021 05:50

Nutmeg and Pepper have many Collaborations to make your event perfect - with styling provided for Kids Parties through to Weddings paired with our Catering we can create your Event your way...

  •  25/10/2021 05:46

Spring is already booking up fast and at Nutmeg and Pepper we have a few different Spring Menus to choose from and many bespoke options. If you are holding an event in August to October then you will want to visit our Menus and book in fast... October weekend dates are very sparse and August a late starter in bookings but enquiries are starting to turn into quotes and bookings. Thinking of holding an event in August then you can contact us via phone or email for immediate assistance.

  •  25/06/2021 05:08

Nutmeg and Pepper offer a great variety of Boutique Buffet options but what does that mean and how does that differ to other Catering Buffet options?

  •  22/06/2021 05:47

With Winter well and truly here we have had an influx on our Food Stations for events... including our Gourmet Burger Bar

  •  13/06/2021 05:54

Santa may not come to your Christmas in July but this year has the makings of a great way to make up for limitations on Christmas last December. Enjoy all the trimmings with Nutmeg and Pepper Boutique Catering.

  •  4/06/2021 06:19

Winter Weather is the perfect time to Cater your Event Outside... with a crisp cool atmosphere the food will be able to be left out a little longer and your guests will be able want to stay around longer to enjoy the atmosphere.

  •  29/05/2021 05:41

Nutmeg and Pepper offer a variety of dessert options to add to your Catering for any event. Choose from Panacotta, Cheesecakes, Pavlova and more... Vegan, Dairy Free and Gluten Free options are available.

  •  26/05/2021 03:40

Nutmeg and Pepper are constantly creating new food for all our clients future, present and past... our chefs have been hard at work and have come up with a complete Vegan Finger Food option for Cocktail Party, Weddings, Engagement, Birthday and Anniversaries... but are also favoured for our Corporate and High Tea options.

  •  20/05/2021 05:39

Come along to Nutmeg and Peppers discussion group on May 10th (Book a Seat) it is FREE and we will have hints tips and ideas to help with your Budget and Organising. Catering, Decorations and much more...

  •  2/05/2021 05:13

Are you holding an event in March? Allow Nutmeg and Pepper Catering to plan a special array of Food, Beverage and Decorating options for you...

  •  17/02/2021 06:09

Planning a Birthday Party for yourself or someone else? Why not try one of Nutmeg and Pepper Catering ideas...

  •  11/01/2021 06:02