14 Apr

We are now starting to get an influx of enquiry for Catering Weddings and Engagement Parties.... here are a few tips for achieving your desired outcome for your planned Event.

1. Book as far in advance as possible - this will ensure your date is secured and your Caterer can plan the specialised items for your theme, colour or special requests. You will also have priority for time and staff on the date.

2. Ask the Caterer for their advise for maximising your dollar towards the food, decorations and WOW factor.

3. Choose a Caterer that utilises local produce, can create the food from scratch to ensure that no preservatives or unnecessary fillers are used. You will also be provided with fresh food that can be tailor made to your guest needs.

4. Ensure your Caterer can provide for all the guest dietary needs. Do they do a true Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Dairy Free options that reflect the menu chosen and not just thrown together as an after thought.

5. Is your Caterer a Boutique Caterer? If you choose a Boutique Caterer they will go the extra mile on presentation and service. Often Boutique Catering is more personal and will give a higher WOW factor than a standard Caterer.

6. When planning for a Wedding does your Event Planner do all the phone calls and chasing up for you or are you still doing some of the work? A great Event Planner will offer you choices and do the bargaining and groundwork for your event. Your dream wedding should be as easy as a phone call and follow up emails with sample photos of the service being provided by the suppliers.

7. Event Space options... to make sure you provide a comfortable, Covid planned event, with plenty of tasty treats you can ask the Caterer if they have a few options or an event planner to find the perfect Event Space to suit your needs. (You will just need to know approx. location and number of guests).

8. Bar and Drink service: does your event require a simple Wine Beer Soft-drink service or are you looking at a more upscale Bar or Mixologist to create an upmarket feel.

9. Ambient lighting... you can hire lighting to create an ambient atmosphere for your event or utilise lanterns, flame-less candles or other led style lighting. What ever you choose, make sure you place the lighting so that it is consistent and still lights up the pathway to avoid tripping or other hazzards.

10. Styling your event should be as easy as providing your event planner with your colour choices and let them do the rest. Your event planner should be able to provide a few photos of table settings or room props that will work in with your theme, colour and special requests.

No matter what event you are planning - planning ahead is the key and ensure that you have a mood board set up for creating the best event possible. Nutmeg and Pepper offer FREE advice over the phone... feel free to call on 0403800010

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