12 Dec

As we head into the fantastic Summer Holidays we look for more ways to spend valuable time with our family and friends. Nutmeg and Pepper Catering make Entertaining easier.

Here are our 5 Top ideas on what to do this Summer with your family and friends.

1. Hold a Backyard/Beach Cricket Day including a Marquee with Beer/Cold Drinks and Platters from our Door to Door range https://www.nutmegandpepper.com/catering-menu-diy/catering-packages/easy-order-platters

Don't forget plenty of Sunscreen for all options

2. Create a Backyard Cinema complete with Fairy Lights, Popcorn, Nutmeg and Pepper Grazing Platters https://www.nutmegandpepper.com/catering-menu-diy/catering-packages/easy-order-platters

and don't forget the Mosquito Coils.

3. Hold a donate your time day and help out a neighbour or friend that has been struggling... you can give each person a job such as mow the lawn, clean the gutters, paint the front door or other small easy to co-ordinate spruce up jobs. Order our Easy Order Platters to share throughout the day or to finish off the great work. https://www.nutmegandpepper.com/catering-menu-diy/catering-packages/easy-order-platters

4. Get together a group of friends/family and arrange a drive to a chosen destination. Pick a location with somewhere to picnic, swim or play sport. Take along one of our easy order platters https://www.nutmegandpepper.com/catering-menu-diy/catering-packages/easy-order-platters

and plenty of water and other cold juices/softdrink. You can even make it a rally with questions that have to be answered along the drive. Have a prize for the winner which can be something as simple as a free car wash.

5. Have a Walk Day - yes this is one of my favourites. Plot a walking course around the City, River or Botanical Garden that involves a Guided Walk. Set up interesting facts to stop and look at along the walk then finish up at a beautiful spot to lay out a blanket for a picnic. Order your Easy Order Platters to arrive at the final destination in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. 


Need help setting up your fun Summer Adventure?

Phone us today on 0403800010 and we can assist with food and location set up. 

Nutmeg and Pepper can also provide Marquee Hire, Styling and BoHo Picnic Set Up.

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