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Valentines Day is only a few weeks away... why not have a tasty Valentines Gift Box delivered complete with a message to your loved one...

  •  22/01/2022 10:01

As we head into the fantastic Summer Holidays we look for more ways to spend valuable time with our family and friends. Nutmeg and Pepper Catering make Entertaining easier.

  •  12/12/2021 05:51

With Christmas only a few weeks away - are you ready? Allow Nutmeg and Pepper to help with Catering, Food Platter Deliveries and Gifts. Order Online or Phone us today... Read more on our Blog

  •  30/11/2021 06:22

Nutmeg and Pepper can Cater for All Event needs... this month we feature our Antipasto Platters. Great for a door to door option for an at Work or Home Gathering or as part of a Share Table Platter for a Sit Down Dinner.

  •  21/10/2021 06:31

Thanks to Covid and the movement of the Office to our own private home office - the way we choose to meet and have our boardroom meetings has changed to Zoom and Skype Meetings. Nutmeg and Pepper now provide Corporate Gift Platters for your Meetings... delivered to each individual so they have a tasty treat whilst attending their weekly/monthly meeting. Perfect to keep the attendance high and focus sharp.

  •  23/09/2021 05:20

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering offer a variety of different Menus and Styles of Catering... but we are starting to get busy with people gaining confidence in booking their events... here is how to get ahead of the rush

  •  26/04/2021 05:27