22 Jan

Valentines Day is only a few weeks away... why not have a tasty Valentines Gift Box delivered complete with a message to your loved one...

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering have a variety of Bespoke Gift Boxes that we can create for your loved one this Valentines Day.

Choose from Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free options or just enjoy our Tasty Selections...

Choose the Items you want in the Gift Box, The Message to be placed on the Card and the time preferred for delivery. (We will aim to get the gift to your Valentine as close to the time required).

Available for delivery on 13th and 14th February only.

Fill your gift box with any of the following then we will send a quote - once you are happy then an invoice will be sent for payment and delivery will be booked in with payment confirmation... easy Door to Door delivery is available to Work, Home, Park or Beach locations.

Sweet and Savoury Options available

  1. Charcuterie
  2. Antipasto
  3. Local Sourced Cheese
  4. Vegan Cheese
  5. Organic Seasonal Fruit
  6. Certified Belgian Chocolate dipped Strawberries
  7. Certified Belgian Chocolate Fudge
  8. Citrus Tartlet
  9. Organic Cacao Chocolate Mousse
  10. Orange and Poppy Seed Cake
  11. Choc Fudge Cake
  12. Gluten Free Cookies
  13. Gluten Free Cake
  14. Vegan Cake
  15. Vegan Cookies
  16. Handcrafted Rosemary & Orange Cookies
  17. Heart Shaped Cookies
  18. Heart Shaped Belgian Chocolates
  19. Handcrafted Dips and Greek Bread/Crackers
  20. Handcrafted Jam of the Month 200ml
  21. Handcrafted Tomato Relish 200ml
  22. Certified Organic Dried Herbs
  23. Certified Organic Dried Spices
  24. Organic Tea Selections
  25. Nutmeg and Pepper Bib Apron
  26. Spice or Tea Canister (Silver Only)
  27. Dehydrated Orange Slices
  28. Dehydrated Rose Petals
  29. Mixed Spice Pack
  30. Marinating Rub for Meat or Vegetables
  31. Dukkah spiced Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  32. QLD Ocean Fresh, Sustainably Sourced, Prawns
  33. Fresh Oysters by the Dozen 
  34. Savoury Treats - includes 5 selections of Chefs favourite Canapes created fresh on the day
  35. Sweet Treats - includes 5 selections of Chefs favourite Mini Sweet Treats made fresh on the day
  36. Scones Jam and Cream
  37. Filled Croissants
  38. Filled Baguettes
  39. Filled Sourdough Sandwiches
  40. Ploughman's Selection

Just simply email orders@nutmegandpepper.com or phone 0403800010 to provide us with the selections you want in the Gift Box and we will do the rest. 

All boxes are lovingly put together with Valentines Day Garnishes. Delivery time slots are limited - Book at your earliest to ensure your favoured time.

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