27 Feb

For this simple recipe we have used a simple Gingernut Biscuit Base but you can choose to use prebaked Shortcrust bases or even Egg Custard Tart bases if you prefer.

Recipe makes around 24 Tartlets depending on the size of your tart case molds.


300 - 350g Gingernut Biscuits, crushed

180g Organic or Pure Butter, melted

180ml of Lemons/Oranges/Limes/Mandarin, juiced

4 Organic large Eggs

1 cup Caster Sugar

125g extra Organic or Pure Butter, chopped at room temperature

pinch of Organic Garam Masala (optional)


Combine Gingernut biscuits that have been crushed with the melted butter and mix thoroughly. Press into your tartlet molds.

Allow to set in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

In a large bowl over simmering water place the eggs, juice, sugar and garam masala. Whisk continually until your mixture looks thick like custard. Off the heat -Add your chopped butter into the mix and whisk through until all the butter has incorporated. Note that if the butter is too cold this will take a little longer and you may need to place the curd back onto the simmered water but away from the heat.

Once the mix is smooth and silky then pour this into your tartlet bases and allow to set for a further 3 to 4 hours or overnight if preparing ahead.

Garnish with your favourite Organic Berries or just simply dust with Icing Sugar and Serve.

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