06 Sep

With Covid 19 still very present in our society, most people are leaving their booking for Spring Catering to the last minute...

This is not a great idea as you may find the dates and delivery time slots you require for your Catering might not be available.

If you are booking for 30 pax or less then it is safe at this stage to say you can go ahead if you are booking outside of Greater Brisbane region. The alternative is to ensure you have a Covid 19 Plan in place with your Caterer.

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering can provide Contact-less Delivery of your DIY Catering: that is our specialty 

What is DIY Catering? 

* Our Chef will prepare and provide all the food required for your event, including heating and serving instructions. With all our sauces being handcrafted we package and name everything so that it is not a jigsaw puzzle.

*Your heating and serving instructions come in an envelope that is provided on top of your Catering Box. Everything is provided from the temperature of the oven, garnish (if required) and sauce pairing.

*Your food is delivered in our ready to serve Catering boxes. You can just lift the lid and serve if you are ordering Salads and Cold items or take out the heat proof containers to pop in the oven and when ready place back in the Catering Box for fuss free service. No dishes and no fuss.

*Nutmeg and Pepper can also provide Food Trays, Cutlery and Napkins that are all Eco Friendly and single use only. Easy clean up and no dishes. Also great for Catering in parks, beaches or offices.

What Covid 19 Systems do Nutmeg and Pepper Catering have in place?

*QR Code sign in: Nutmeg and Pepper Catering can provide your event with a QR code login to make sure your guests are documented for effortless documentation in case of a Covid 19 outbreak in the area.

*Staffed Options: we can provide QR Code Sign In with Hand Sanitiser plus a Hand Sanitising Handwash near the service area if anyone requires to wash their hands. 

*All our staff whether delivering or at an event will be supplied with Gloves, Sanitiser, Sanitising Handwash and Masks. For your guests and their safety. We will also ask that you remind all your guests to keep 1.5 meters away from Staff and other Guests at all time.

Booking Platters for Spring Carnival and other Events?

* Please note all bookings taken for platters and other events are able to be postponed in case of an outbreak. At no time do we accept cancellations once payment is made - this is to ensure that any overheads, staff costs or food costs are covered to keep the business alive. We want to be able to serve you in the future. I am also sure you want to be able to order from us again in the future.

*Booking as far ahead as possible ensures you are able to book the desired date and delivery time.

*Leaving things to the last minute may also mean we are unable to order Organic produce... we need to order our produce and meat from a reputable supplier and they often require a weeks notice for delivery. Booking last minute may mean we need to find a quality substitute from the Rocklea Markets. Although it may not be Organic it will still be of quality.

Any questions you may have in regards to booking during the Spring Season... contact the Chef 

Nadene on 0403 800010 or email direct on nutmegandpepper@outlook.com 

* The email will not be published on the website.