21 Mar

Nutmeg and Pepper Boutique Buffets are a more unique approach to Buffet Catering. It is more personal and highly decorated. Instead of rows of Chaffing Dishes {Metal heating boxes) we serve the food as soon as it is ready in beautiful high-end Platters and Serving Dishes. 

The Boutique Buffets offer a range of Menus from our Gourmet slow cooked Roast Buffet (sliced at the table directly to your guests) through to our Decadent Seafood Boutique Buffets.

Choose one of our Unique Boutique Buffets from the All Year Round selection or a Seasonal Boutique Buffet. Nutmeg and Pepper Catering also provide a Holiday Buffet.. at the moment we have our Easter Boutique Buffet. https://www.nutmegandpepper.com/catering-menu-diy/easter-buffet?c=5e5223ba5178b 

When choosing a buffet for your event or party we can also create a menu to suit your theme or preferred food style. (POA)

Our Wine Lovers Boutique Buffet provides a fantastic selection of Food that pairs well with both Red and White Wine and includes our Local Sourced cheese and Organic Fruit Selection. Perfect for a night of great Wine, great Food and great Fun.

With all the Boutique Buffets providing a highly decorated table filled with Handcrafted Condiments, Organic Seasonal Produce, Hormone Free Meat and all locally sourced you can be sure to impress your friends, family and colleagues with full flavoured quality food.

Our Boutique Buffets can be served at your Home, Office or Event Space. Don't have a Kitchen! Then we can bring equipment or provide a Mobile Kitchen options at a low cost. 

Please note we do like to keep our Boutique Buffets to no more than 200 but if you have a larger group please contact us and depending on your style of Buffet we can see if it will work with your event space.

Our minimum numbers for our Boutique Buffets are 50 pax but we have Catered to smaller numbers. (POA)... note this will require the same staff and set up costs as the 50 pax plus the food pricing. 

Please phone us for more information... 0403800010. We are always happy to quote.

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