03 Jun

Wow... we are finally getting back to the "New Normal" and we are happy to say that as of the 1st of June we are able to Cater up to 20 pax now.

Although that includes staff for Full Catered options ... we are pleased that we have always had our DIY Catering options - We create the Food and you Heat and Serve, allowing you to take your group right up to the 20 pax capacity.

Whats in store this Winter..... we have been hard at work creating a fantastic selection of Finger Food and delicious Mini Main options along with our "All Year Round' options. Make sure you have a look at our Seasonal Menus for both Finger Food and our Mini Mains...with tempting tasty treats such as our Mini Boozy Beef Bites served on a Yorkshire Pudding Base.

DIY OPTION - Arrives in a Catering Box ready to heat, assemble and serve

CATERING OPTION - Our Chef/Waiter will heat and serve

Our Boutique Buffets are a fantastic way to entertain your guests with all options easy to eat standing up and allowing people to freely move around and keep their required 1.5 meter distance.

Our Food Truck is also a fantastic option for Social Distancing ... with options ranging from Finger Food right through to our fun Mini Main options.

All food served in DIY Catering packs are provided in disposable but sturdy Catering boxes. 

Cutlery, Plates and Napkins are all Eco Friendly and One Use only.

When we serve the Buffet/BBQ Catering - we ensure that all food is served on thoroughly sanitised Platters, Bowls and Serving Spoons.

Staff are checked for any risks before they are sent out to your site and sign a disclosure to say they are safe to work.

All staff will be using gloves but are not required to wear masks, if you would prefer them to wear masks we can ensure they are provided for them to wear at your event.

Feel safe and Order with confidence.

No matter what the event we have something to suit...

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