27 Mar

This is a fun Easter recipe for kids to make... the decoration ideas can be whatever you have for cake decorating or you can buy some cheap easter eggs and easter type food decorations.



1 pkt of your favourite Jelly

2 tbsp Custard Powder

250ml Milk

250ml Cream

2 Easter Buns

200g diced Poached/Tinned Two Fruits

Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate Freckles

Other Easter Sweet toppers


Boil water in a kettle and pour 200ml into the jelly crystals then top with 250ml cold water...stirring constantly. Place in the fridge and allow to set slightly for 1 hour.

In a saucepan place the custard and 100ml of milk, stir until combined then add the remaining milk... stir constantly on medium heat until mix is thick then take off the stove to allow to cool.

Whip the cream with a beater or in an electric mixer until thick with soft peaks... don't over whip.

In a small trifle bowl, tear up the easter buns and line the bottom of the bowl.

Now add the drained poached/tinned fruit.

Pour the Jelly over the top of the fruit then. Place into the fridge to set a little further for 1 hour.

Now take the trifle out of the fridge and top with Custard then cream.

Shave a little of the Easter Eggs on top then arrange small eggs or broken eggs on top with other decorations to create your favourite Easter decorated Trifle.

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