29 Jan

Just like having your own personal Chef but more affordable... Nutmeg and Pepper can offer Shared Meal options delivered Contactless to your door. Choose from many styles of Cuisine.

Today we focus on Shared Meals... this is a great new range just added to our Door to Door Delivery Menu.

Offering a choice of Mexican, Italian, Bistro and other style of Menu options you can conveniently order a full meal for your family or shared household to enjoy. 

All Menus come with an option for 4,6 or 10 pax sizing.

We are adding more and more options as ordering becomes more regular - keep an eye out. If you have a favourite Meal you would like us to add or create please let us know and we will be happy to add to our Door to Door range for frequent ordering.

Your Door to Door Shared Meal option will come with heating instructions for you to conveniently just pop into your oven when you get home. Transfer your Salads to your own bowls or just open the lid of our Catering Tray and serve direct from there.

Great way to have a healthy meal without the shopping/preparation - share it with your household or when guests are arriving. Choose multi packs and store for up to 3 days.

All food is made fresh - meat components may be frozen if required.

Our Salad items are Organic and local sourced. Vegan, Gluten Free options available on request (Please note to order these - the whole order needs to be Vegan or Vegetarian as the minimum order is for 4 pax)

Its as easy as ordering - choose a date and time for delivery and we will invoice you for payment and a proposed delivery time close to the time requested. Your door to door delivery drivers name will be provided and he/she will call on arrival to let you now that your food will be delivered. Please ensue you have somewhere for the food to be left that is not on the ground. We also require that someone be home to store the food back into a fridge at the time of delivery to ensure the food doesn't get spoiled or exposed to temperature extremes. Safe Food handling is a priority when offering our Door to Door range.

All Shared Meal Range can be created with HALAL Meat on request.

Meals available so far

Italian Beef Lasagne

Chicken Enchiladas

Soft Shell Fish Tacos

Vegetarian Cannelloni

Moussaka - Gluten Free

Lamb Souvlaki with handcrafted Greek Pita

Baked Vegetarian Pie - Gluten Free

Mild Beef Vindaloo with Yogurt 

Smokey Pork Skewers

Slow Roasted Turmeric Chicken - Gluten Free

Slow Roasted Pork Loin (Gluten Free Available)

Slow Roasted Beef with Red Wine Gravy (Gluten Free available)

For more information phone 0403800010 or email orders@nutmegandpepper.com order @ https://www.nutmegandpepper.com/catering-menu-diy/catering-packages/easy-order-platters

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