19 Nov

Nutmeg and Pepper have a variety of ways to cater your event... with the warm weather upon us a great way to impress your guests is with our Skewer and Organic Salad Menu.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Meat, Poultry or Seafood. There is a skewer to suit your event.

Our most popular are the Middle Eastern Lemon Chicken but don't disregard our fantastic Marinated Eggplant or Lamb Kofta.

Choose to have your Skewer and Organic Salad selection served from our Food Truck, BBQ or as a Finger Food Platter Service.

Chicken Skewers are made with our marinated breasts of Chicken infused with flavours such as middle eastern lemon chicken, satay, lemongrass & turmeric, honey soy or garlic.

Beef Skewers are made with eye fillet pieces and infused with flavours such as satay, shasslick, char sui or honey soy.

Pork Skewers are made with pork belly pieces and infused with flavours such as our sticky BBQ, sweet chilli, honey soy or sweet n sour.

Lamb Skewers are made with lamb mince for the Kofta or lamb rump for our souvlaki marinated.

Vegetarian & Vegan Skewers are marinated with Olive Oil, Organic Spices, Dukkah or Organic Herbs... with selections of Roasted Vegetable, Corn, Eggplant and many more. We also have a Haloumi option.

Seafood Skewers are made with Australian Sourced Prawns, Scallops, Fish and marinated with a variety of fresh options such as our lemon garlic, sesame, zesty lime or chilli lemongrass.

All our skewers are handcrafted and there for we don't use fillers, multodextrin or any gluten products so we cater to the needs of all .... everything is gluten free and full of natural organic flavours.

Paired with a choice of our Organic Salad Selections this is definitely the best way to Cater your next Event.

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