18 Mar

My Smoked Salmon Cheesecake can be rolled into balls and coated in your favourite spice or served as a large log. Remember you can serve this anyway your creative mind wishes... these are just some samples of how I do them.


275g Cream Cheese

50g Vintage Tasty, local sourced, Cheese

10ml Lemon EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

1 tsp Organic Dill, chopped

50g Tasmanian Smoked Salmon, chopped fine

5g Salt and Pepper Mix 

Spice to Coat the Outside (Dukkah, Paprika, Lemon Pepper, Chopped Herbs also work)


In a food processor or electric mixer. Place all the ingredients and mix well to combine.

Take large tablespoons of mix and roll into balls and coat with your favourite spice or chopped herb.

Simple quick and tasty... let me know what you think or submit your favourite filling or coating with us.


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