22 Jun

Its tasty it goes with every style of cooking imaginable and we can buy it in abundance at the moment...our ingredient of the month is Corn.

There are some fantastic creations we use corn for in our day to day Catering - including our Tasty Roasted Vege Salad that has a number of Seasonal Vegetable lightly roasted then tossed through a zingy dressing of Za'atar, Sweet Paprika, Cumin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Corn can be dried and ground to make polenta or even finer to make a flour used in creating tasty Arepa. 

This Winter corn is even more important to utilise with our high moisture content in the crops we are losing our more perishable ingredients such as Spinach and Lettuce. Corn can be a versatile substitute to most ingredients when following a recipe. 

If you would like to share with us your favourites feel free to leave a comment.

Creamy corn lightly blended with butter or made into a chowder is a tasty complement to any meal or dinner party. Served cold in a salad or just put out whole in the husk, direct from the oven, on a buffet.

Char-grilled Corn is another way to enjoy the sweet taste as it comes out over the high heat.. turn frequently to ensure it is just charred not over charred.

Dry the kernels to use later for popcorn. Dehydrate on 60C for 4 hours or longer depending on your dehydrator.

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