16 Apr

Catering an event or party requires the perfect pairing of food and drink. 

When providing the beverage side of the Catering you will need to look at many factors

  • Theme of the Party
  • Alcoholic choices
  • Non Alcoholic choices
  • Dietary choices
  • Quantity required
  • Licences required
  • Where to serve from
  • Is there a suitable area to create cocktails
  • Does the drink selection suit the season
  • Drink Garnish
  • Where to buy the alcohol from
  • Suppliers for Soft-drink etc

As the beverage selection and service is an important component of the event planning this must be taken into consideration at the same time as the food.

We use "Little Rum Runners" especially since they can offer a variety of packages ranging from a BYO alcohol option right through to a fully stocked portable bar.

 If you are going to DIY then here are a few hints and tips...

  1. Ensure you have sufficient glass ware - You will need approximately 11/2 glasses per expected numbers per drink style (eg> 60 pax would require 90 Beer, 90 White Wine, 90 Red Wine,  90 Spirit, 90 Champagne and 90 Cocktail - if you were to serve a full bar)
  2. Ensure there is a place to properly glass wash in case you need to re-use (must be glass washed at a temp of over 80C to comply with QLD health)
  3. Ensure you have a clean and sterile area with a sink for cocktail making
  4. When setting up your bar area make sure there is sufficient table space to display the glasses, drinks and an inviting display
  5. Separate the non alcoholic bar area from the alcoholic dry area if it is a self service situation
  6. If you are going to use punch or juice displayed in a Juice Jar make sure that the fruit garnish floats as anything that sinks to the bottom will clog the pouring spout
  7. Make sure you have tasted the wine before purchasing large quantities. You want to have a great wine experience sometimes even expensive wine can be bad
  8. When choosing the Beer make sure it is a selection that your guests will enjoy and not just the cheapest on the shelf
  9. Allow enough variety of Soft Drink and Juice for both mixers and non drinkers
  10. If having cocktails at your event - choose cocktails appropriate to your theme/season/age appropriate. Serving a Martini selection to a group of 20s will not go down well.
  11. Choose a few selection of cocktails rather than a large selection
  12. If having spirits then stick to the basics - Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Bourbon

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