29 Apr

Nutmeg and Pepper love Catering your events... here are a few tips on how to set up ready for your Caterer to arrive at your Event.

Here are the Top 10 things you can do in preparation for you Caterer to arrive for your event...

  1. Table Settings: Please ensure all your tables are set and ready for food to go onto whether it is a sit down dinner or roving canape service. Having a table to place platters onto is very handy.
  2. Rubbish Bins: Ensure there are sufficient rubbish bins place around your Event Space so that your guests don't have to hold onto skewers or canape dishes, napkins etc. Our Wait staff will go around and collect them but may get tied up with offering the food or dietary requests.
  3. Room for the Staff to Move: ensure there is plenty of room for staff to move around and provide your guests with great service. You may also want to move any unwanted obstacles so that your guests can move freely around and adhere to any social distancing requirements set out by your State Government.
  4. Ensure the Covid Plan is in place and adhered to: Place the QR Code provided by your Caterer is displayed at the Entrance and that everyone signs in on arrival.
  5. Make sure there is a space designated for your Caterer to set up and work from including direct access to the cooking area. If you have items stored in that space for the party please try and have them stored in an area where the Chef can safely move around and not put anyone in danger with hot trays from ovens. Think about the flow of that area. If there are drinks or other items being stored in that area ensure that the Chef is aware and that you limit the amount of time that is spent collecting those items. Remember the more you hold the Chef up the greater the chance that your food may be delayed. (We always tray and run to schedule)
  6. If you are having speeches, dancing etc please ensure that it doesn't run into your Caterers schedule, food can only be held for a set period of time before it can ruin. Check with the Caterer if you think your schedule will go off track.
  7. Parking can be an issue for your Caterer: Remember that your Caterer will have heavy items to lift into the service area and will require parking as close to that area as possible. They will also need to be able to pack things back into that vehicle during the event and to leave before your guests are ready to leave. Clear access should be provided where possible.
  8. Please ensure your Caterer is aware, before the event starts, where the dietary requests are going to so that they are served first.
  9. If having Children at your event: Your Caterer will always try and feed the kids first to ensure they are can start having fun and allow your guests to also have fun. Please ensure you have a designated area for the kids and include some fun activities to keep them occupied.
  10. Providing an Event Plan with approximate service times will be a huge assistance to your Caterer. This will ensure you also have the food served at your desired times. Providing the Run Sheet before the event date will also allow for your Caterer to ensure the staff are paid the hours worked.

If you need assistance with any of the above feel free to phone or email us any time to discuss or allow us to put you through to our Event Planner who can provide all assistance from decorating, themes, organising to lighting, music and accommodation.

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