13 Aug

This month Nutmeg and Pepper Celebrate the humble Capsicum. Such an under rated essential.

In many cultures Capsicum (Peppers) are a staple part of a recipe and increases taste, adds natural sweetness and lifts a dish to a different flavour sensation.

For example by adding the capsicum to a bolognaise sauce it changes the flavour completely. Try it and you decide.

At Nutmeg and Pepper we use Capsicums in Salads, Mini Capsicums are stuffed for Canapes, Roasted and Marinated for Antipasto (Yes we make our own Marinated Vege), as part of our skewer combos and much more...

Capsicums are highly nutritious and contain antioxidants called Carotenoids. Capsicum may reduce inflammation, reduce cancer and help lower cholesterol and fats from oxidative damage.

We are fortunate enough to be able to get one variety or many throughout the year. At the moment Nutmeg and Pepper are producing Mini Black Capsicums which we Roast and Marinate for Antipasto and Deli Platters. 

A quick and simple way of using Capsicum is by cutting them in quarters, de-seeding and roasting them on an oven tray. Lightly spraying each side with a little EVO oil. Season as desired - we use a little Himalayan Pink Salt and Oregano. Bake in an oven on 190C until the skin blisters. You can remove the skin easily by placing in a freezer bag and allowing the capsicum to sweat. Skin should come off easily. Great for using on salads and in other dishes such as rice and pasta.

If you have left over rice/fried rice/risotto - mix this through with a quality grated cheese and then cut the top off a capsicum, scoop out seeds and fill with your rice. Bake in the oven on a lined baking paper oven tray and bake in the oven for around 20 mins at 180C.

Let us know how you use this fantastic ingredient...

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