16 May

I have often been asked what is the secret to the perfect Carbonara... my answer is simply - The Ingredients you use.

This Carbonara has a touch of white wine which changes the acidity a little but also creates a nice tasty marriage with the salty Pancetta.

4 Serves

4 slices of Pancetta or Butcher Quality Smokey Bacon
1 packet of fresh Linguine or Fettuccine
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO)
2 Egg Yolks
200 ml Cream
100 ml White Wine (Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc) this can also be traded out for Brandy
200 g quality aged Parmesan or Reggiano Parmigiano, whole or shaved
Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, ground
Coarsely ground Black Pepper

Place a large pot of water on for the Pasta.. Add a dash of EVO to the pot and a sprinkle of salt. Bring to the boil then add pasta... set the timer for 6 minutes.
Meanwhile in a large heavy based frying pan.
Add a little EVO then saute off the Pancetta till brown. Add in the White Wine and allow to absorb into the Pancetta. Now add the cream and allow it to simmer and thicken until it looks like a glaze.
Add the loosely drained pasta to the sauce and toss through. Add a handful of shaved or fresh shaved Parmesan and mix through.
Using a wooden spoon add the egg yolks to the pan, mixing quickly until the pasta has completely been coated in the emulsification.
Now remove pan from heat, adjust the seasoning according to the taste of the Pancetta and sauce.
Place in serving dishes and sprinkle with lashings of more Parmesan and serve.

Serve with your favourite White Wine and Celebrate...

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